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A salute to the thundercats

The tempest rages, a symphony of primal fury. Wind shrieks, rain lashes in sheets of silver, and the very sky explodes with the deafening roar of thunder. Yet, amidst this chaotic ballet of nature's might, a tiny silhouette stands defiant. Our feline companions, those purring bundles of mischief and grace, transform into titans of resilience in the face of the storm. We salute the unwavering courage of these thundercats.

Within the pages of thundercats, you will find interesting, informative and fun posts to help you help your own thudercats.


This website is a tribute to these valiant creatures. Here, you'll find stories of their unwavering spirit, tales of strategic retreats to impenetrable fortresses and unwavering stares that defy the storm's fury. Join us in honoring these feline warriors! Share your sightings, your stories of witnessing their thunder-defying courage. Let this space be a testament to their resilience, a reminder that even the smallest creature can possess a heart that roars with bravery.

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